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When I Wasn't Sweeping the Garage...

In my neighborhood, near the disc-golf course where the crab-apple trees are shedding their leaves, they moved a house to make way for a highway off-ramp. I peered into the old basement and then walked downtown. I returned home and worked on cleaning my garage (not pictured).

New Topographics Report

In the popular photography community "New Topographics" is the photography of "Man-Altered Landscapes." Following are my recently inspired contributions.

Natural Gas Co. Building River Falls, Wisconsin
Middle School Tennis Courts, River Falls, Wisconsin
WRFW-FM Antenna Facility and Underground Transmission Conduit Berm

There he goes ...

He awaits a ride to go sign the lease for his first apartment.

River Falls Main St. Report

Recent Scenes from downtown River Falls, Wisconsin in the era of COVID-19

Some Panoramas

Last night at North Hall, River Falls, Wisconsin (Click to enlarge.)
Junction Falls, River Falls, Wisconsin, last February
Musicians in a school house near River Falls

The Nature of Traveling to Colorado

By car, I traveled west with the family through Omaha to Boulder, Colorado last summer.

Windows on the Streets

A regular subject for me has been storefront windows; I see window reflections as paintings on a canvas.

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Packers Football Fans 2003

It was a nail biter, but I don't know who the Packers were playing; the photographic resolution doesn't make it clear. Maybe they were playing the Vikings, maybe it was the playoffs? We were visitors to Tom's apartment.

Influenced by Eggleston

Photographer William Eggleston influenced how I view photographic composition and color . I wonder how he's doing these days.