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When I Wasn't Sweeping the Garage...

In my neighborhood, near the disc-golf course where the crab-apple trees are shedding their leaves, they moved a house to make way for a highway off-ramp. I peered into the old basement and then walked downtown. I returned home and worked on cleaning my garage (not pictured).

New Topographics Report

In the popular photography community "New Topographics" is the photography of "Man-Altered Landscapes." Following are my recently inspired contributions.

Natural Gas Co. Building River Falls, Wisconsin
Middle School Tennis Courts, River Falls, Wisconsin
WRFW-FM Antenna Facility and Underground Transmission Conduit Berm

There he goes ...

He awaits a ride to go sign the lease for his first apartment.

River Falls Main St. Report

Recent Scenes from downtown River Falls, Wisconsin in the era of COVID-19

Some Panoramas

Last night at North Hall, River Falls, Wisconsin (Click to enlarge.)
Junction Falls, River Falls, Wisconsin, last February
Musicians in a school house near River Falls

The Nature of Traveling to Colorado

By car, I traveled west with the family through Omaha to Boulder, Colorado last summer.

Windows on the Streets

A regular subject for me has been storefront windows; I see window reflections as paintings on a canvas.

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Packers Football Fans 2003

It was a nail biter, but I don't know who the Packers were playing; the photographic resolution doesn't make it clear. Maybe they were playing the Vikings, maybe it was the playoffs? We were visitors to Tom's apartment.